Friday, January 20, 2012

I don't know what happened. I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up, I had written that post. I mean, half of it is that rhyme the boy was singing to me. Did that...did that do something to me? Has he been affecting me somehow?

It has to be that. It has to be him.

I just starting dozing off again and everything became dim and I was alone on the bus and the seats were covered in snow. Then I woke up and it was back to normal.

Do I have to stay awake? Is that what I have to do? In addition to running, I have to keep myself from falling asleep? Can I do that?

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  1. On the one hand if you don't sleep you can't have nightmares. On the other you might end up like those Russian guys.

    Even I sleep occasionally. I'm not sure that any meddling He might be able to do while you sleep could be worse than how a lack of sleep might weaken your mental state and your will.

    Perhaps learning some meditation techniques and lucid dreaming could help. I've never needed to do so myself but if you think it may be useful Google should be able to point the way.