Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowball in Hell

I am dying. I accept this. I will not live to see tomorrow.

I have been sitting here, on this bench, for god knows how long. My fingers became numb and then my toes. And then it spread to my arms and legs.

I am dying. And yet I will still move and walk around. My body will be dead and I will still use it.

I can feel it in my heart. Making my blood freeze in my veins. I am becoming like them. I am becoming a Child of the Cold.

It is the only way for me. Even if I escaped, even if I could find a way to avoid Claire and the others, I could never escape it. Him.

The only way to stop my heart is to become like them. He won't be in my heart then. He'll be everywhere else, but not in my heart. Claire showed me, she let me feel her chest where there was no heartbeat, none at all.

My name is John and I am dying. I accept this. I welcome it.

I welcome the cold.

Make me numb.

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  1. You people. Now to play the catch up game. Would it make your story more tragic since I know what's already going to happen to you? Maybe.